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Scimitar Photo Album

This page is designed to one of many that will allow any Noble, his Lady, a Club or a Unit to display photos of any event. We have so many good memories in photos, so PLEASE share them with the rest of us.

To have a photo appear on these pages, you must either:

  • Send a digital file (like a jpg, gif or bmp) to the webmaster via email
  • Send an orginal photo to the webmaster via snail mail or give it to him at a Stated Meeting (he will return it)
  • Let the webmaster know in advance, and he will come to your function and take the photos on a digital camera
  • We only ask that you include some kind of description or names or something, so the rest of us will know who or what it is
  • Still not sure????? Then email the webmaster or take him aside at a meeting and ask him any question you want

  • These are all we have at the moment, but we hope and pray this page will be updated often. Click on the picture to see the FULL SIZE PHOTO

    From the Blade:

    From the Children's Christmas Party:

    So, would you like to see more photos?
    So would we.
    All we need is YOU.